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Healthy FRuitTea Bag Series
 17 Apr 2015

三角立体茶包 3D Triangular Tea Bag
立体延展3步骤 给茶叶360度的完整伸展空间。。。
叶片迅速的在立体空间中进行及展开三步骤 : 包覆, 舒展, 释放。使用耐高温也耐低温的日本顶级PET & 琉璃环保材质设计的三角立体茶包,

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Tradinional Glutinous Rice Ball 华人传统汤圆
 29 Nov 2013

···· 冬至即将来临啦,本公司即将推出~华人传统汤圆~欢迎来电询问批发与零售..····

每盒 RM 4.

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Soya Pudding Powder 各式豆花布丁粉
 16 Aug 2013

            Our Company latest new product ~ Soya pudding powder : Chocolate flavour,Mango

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Testing & Monitoring Report / 检验 & 监控报告
 10 Jun 2013
  • Our ingredients are absolutely safe, please do no worry about the incident of starch poisoning in
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1kg Tapioca Pearl Test Report
 21 May 2012

Today the company has released the latest series of Oreo milk tea and smoothies product.

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Special Taro/Special Sweet Potato香脆统一地瓜条,芋头条
 16 Mar 2012

Good News..our company new product Special Taiwan Fry Taro,Fry Potato..

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Taro Ball (Handmade)
 23 Sep 2009

Our New Product Taro Ball (Handmade),One Packet inside around 200 pcs,
It is vey nice topping for Dessert..

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